No Kaddish in Carmarthen

Jesse Armstrong is a Bafta winner, Oscar nominated director of feature films such as “In the Loop”, “Four Lions” and a creator of a popular TV show “Peep Show”.

He is probably one of the greatest comedy writers today.

He makes a debut at KISFF with his latest short film

“No Kaddish in Carmarthen”.

10th Kinemastik International Short Film Festival

kinemastik poster

Sunday 20th July- 7:30 pm

Little Rock People – a short film festival for children (age 3-12)

Tuesday 22nd July – 9 pm

The Man Whose Mind Exploded – documentary by Toby Amies

Wednesday 23rd July – 7 pm

Film Festivals and Fish – Kinemastik/Creative Europe forum

Wednesday 23rd July – 9pm

Truth of Sheffield

Thursday 24th July – 9pm

La Danza de la Realidad by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Friday 25th July – 9pm

The Quietus Friday

Saturday 26th July – 9pm

10th KISFF – Competition

Sunday 27th July – 9pm

10th KISFF – Competition

Venue for ALL EVENTS:

Herbert Ganado Gardens, Floriana


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