2013 in one page

As they say, its good to look behind and see your own footsteps in the snow or sand. Or lunar surface. People have done it, they ve said some positive things about, so here it is…

We started year the same way we finished the last one, doing a campaign for Deaf and Hard of Hearing association’s struggle to introduce captioning in Maltese cinemas and on TV. This project was helped by the Il-Premju tal Prezident so big thanks to the Prez and the team behind this fund.

This campaign has been a success as most of the cinemas did introduce the captioning but TV stations are still largely unresponsive.  If PBS reads ever this blog, hopefully they re clap their hands and say yes, this may be a good idea…

A month later, we hosted Ben Russell and Basma Alsharif, a tall couple of filmmakers who came to Malta to hold a workshop on psychedelic ethnography.  Malta Arts Fund gave us a helping hand so this hand we shake it firmly and say thanks. We still await to see their works produced during the residency here. A word excited would be an understatement. Ben Russell made a video during his stay in Malta, for none other than Kentucky’s most charming man(sorry Mike)

All year round, we invited various people to host our film club for a month. Amazing line up included Will Oldham, Jeffrey Lewis, Djinn Carrénard, Dimitrije Vojnov, Basma Alsharif, Violeta Kulewska, Katarzyna Peukert and Auditus Foundation.

Some time in May, Valletta V18 got us side to side with Renzo Spiteri, where we showed Charlie Chaplin’s film “Modern Times” to hundreds of people in Merchant Street in Valletta. We projected it on a mega screen whilst Renzo gave it a sound.


Then we went to Odessa, Ukraine, via Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia. Arts fund help once again. We went round and round and showed films that were shown at our festival and showed Maltese short films for the first time ever in the history of man kind or any kind for that matter. We re small, they re bigger but love sees no sizes. We thank everyone once again for their warm welcome.


Our Children’s film festival happened for the 4th time. If you re still pondering should you have kids or not, this festival alone is a good enough reason  to do it.


In the meantime, grown ups went to our 9th Short Film Fest, that was great but will be much better next year, when we celebrate a decade of existence.


A little later, Jeffrey Lewis and the Rain came to visit us. They played in Hamrun, the city that never sleeps.

There’s an amazing art gang in Novi Sad, Serbia, that have done a wild bunch of critical and subversive actions that have made them into a cultural institution(in a good way). They presented a documentation of their actions in Valletta on October 12th.


Would a proper English allow me to say how privileged was Kinemastik to host one of its own and may i add – what noise he made in British Legion, whilst swiftly adding word epic, never before used here. “A trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe” is in fact the unique work of Lucas Abela, a maverick musician with an unhealthy obsession with sheets of broken glass. He was accompanied by Keg De Souza, an artist who designed a Gigloo, for an exhibition Mix Tape, that we hosted at St James.

Happy new year to you all, this is the end of the text, it may have been a drag to read it all but the reward, that has nothing to do with the text above, comes to those who wait.

Jumping Ship in a Hurricane

Flying East

KINEMASTIK is doing a cultural excursion to the east of Europe, all the way to Odessa, Ukraine.
On our way to Odessa, we will stop at Skopje (Macedonia), Belgrade (Serbia), Novi Sad (Serbia), Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia), Bucharest (Romania) and Chisinau(Moldova).
We will carry most of the equipment in our bags, like a
burden of our dreams, hopping on trains and stopping at different cities on the way to the Black Sea.

This project has a multimedia character consisting of short film screenings, a photography exhibition, illustration and a musical event.

June 5th – Skopje (Macedonia) – Menada
June 8th – Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia) Lapidarijum
June 9th – Novi Sad – MMC Led Art
June 10th – Beograd – Rex Kulturni Centar
June 15th – Bucharest (Romania) – Fabrica
June 19th – Chisinau(Moldova) – Spalatorie
June 22nd – Odessa (Ukraine) –Museum of Contemporary Art

Journal of this tour may be viewed on our tumblr page,

whilst for any updates, please check out our website or our facebook/twitter pages.


This project is supported by Malta Arts Fund.

The Long March through China

November 2nd, 2012, Kinemastik sets off to China.

We intend to make a series of networking projects that offer opportunities, encourage initiative for collaborative projects, and offer a platform for sharing common interests and long term benefit for the greater public. Kinemastik intends to generate an artistic outcome with and outreach to public through public components (e.g. performances, exhibitions, training modules, toolkits, new curatorial strategies, new / improved methodologies of working).

Kinemastik tour will take place all across China, from Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Nanjing to Macao and Hong Kong. Through years of communications with different cultural institutions, we have set up a programme of screenings and talks that we ll deliver in universities, cinemas, galleries and various cultural institutions.

We will show some of the past Kinemastik International Short Film Festival winners but our main focus will be Maltese short film. We will hold talks about the developments of Maltese short film in the last decade and a possible exchange/visit of Maltese film makers and Chinese film schools.

Through a series of slide shows, we will be presenting different picturesque locations from Malta, offering an interesting backdrop for a possible Chinese endeavour to our archipelago.

We will invite all of our Chinese partners to Malta for our next Short Film Festival as we plan to have a separate screening with an Asian angle at our next Kinemastik Short Film Festival.

This project is supported by Malta Arts Fund.

Kinemastik International Short Film Festival 2012 – Winners

The 8th edition of the Kinemastik Interntional Short Film Festival took place between 27th July and 5th of August 2012.
Exhibition at the Subway of Bare Bones and Ali Tollervey, Dark Horses concert, Workshops by WIZ, Carla Mackinnon and a talk by Matt Lambert all preceded our Short Films Night as the main event of Kinemastik International Short Film Festival.
20 international films were shown, competing for both Jury Award and the Audience Award.

Jury s prize:
Winner: Yuri Ancarani – Il Capo
Special mention: Junior by Julia Ducournau and Remember me, my Ghost by Ross McDonnel

Audience award: Bus Terminus by Duncan Bone, Emma Mattei and Harry Malt

More than 1200 people visited 8th edition of KISFF.

Picture gallery of KISFF is here….


IL MOSTRO by Roberto Benigni

A vicious serial sex killer is on the loose………… landscape gardener and shop-window outfitter Loris is the prime suspect………… Undercover policewoman Jessica is assigned by eccentric police psychologist Taccone to follow Loris and provide evidence for his arrest…………

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 at 20:00 h

Deaf People Association (map), Lascaris Wharf, Valletta

Since the place is quite small, we have to limit the access to Kinemastik Membership Card Owners  & Deaf People Association Members ONLY.

Kinemastik Film Club for Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Kinemastik will showcase films which are accessible to Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals. The aim is not only to enable active access of film culture to people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, but to promote a general awareness of the Deaf experience, how Deaf people perceive themselves and are perceived by society and encourage their recognition and involvement in society.

We intend to do the following:


Organise film nights, where we d screen various films, providing the subtitles and sign language interpreter for the screenings. These events would have the leisurely character of enjoying different films, but also an educational aspect of providing the Deaf community with a chance to enjoy non commercial cinema.

Exchange short films with various Deaf Film Festivals across the world and introduce screenings of such films in Malta. By creating a programme of screening those short films during our festival days in August, we also intend  to organise travels of  people from Deaf Community to visit these festivals, but also invite some other people from abroad to come and visit Malta for these screenings.

Create a workshop, where we d try and create a short film in which we d have people from Deaf Community be directly involved in making the film, either as actors or members of the crew that is making it.

KISFF 2012

On the 4th of August, in Arkansas capital, Little Rock, population will joyfully celebrate Johnny Cash day. In Burkina Faso, it is a Revolution Day.  In Germany, there are no holidays but on this very day, Austria celebrates the birth of King Leopold I.

Celebrating all of the above, Kinemastik includes a birthday of its own darling, Short Film Festival, who is 8 this year. We will be having screenings of latest shorts from all over the planet, new local works, workshops for kids and adults, gigs and parties. We’re addressing everyone who fancies our beloved KISFF, to spread the truth about this baby and ensure that no act of cowardice of heart can slow its growth. Invite your friends from the jungles around Manaus to the deserts dunes of Taklamakan to visit our little island during the festival days.

Kinemastik International Short Film Festival – 4th & 5th August 2012.

Tourists are welcome.


This year saw the introduction of two awards, entitled the Golden Dot Awards – a jury award and an audience award.

That Thing You Drew (2010) directed by UK director Kerri Davenport Burton won the Jury award, whilst Bathing Micky (2010) the Swedish/Danish film directed by Frida Kempff won the hearts of the audience with an overwhelming amount of votes.

Short Report – Berlinale 2011

Several Kinemastik members visited this year’s Berlinale, some for the short films, others for features. Apart for the northern weather thats never a good news for us from the south, we have enjoyed immensely this year’s edition.

I ve got to say that i havent managed to see all the shorts cause Berlin nights are very long but most of them are penned down and we ll try our best to bring the selected ones to Kinemastik Short Film Festival 2011.

Bellow is the the pink tickle, some of the most impressive shorts i ve seen, with some more not to be relieved until the time is right.

Back by 6 is a film by Peter Connelly, a New York born, currently living in Brussels. It is a beautiful film about two men who search for a window to wash, rain jackets to take off and various wounds to heal. They move apart, and meet up again. Little things, which fill our everyday lives with magic.

La Calma is short documentary that is set in town of Pisco. The city was very near the epicenter of the devastating 8.0-magnitude earthquake which struck south central Peru on Wednesday August 15, 2007. The story follows a man who was buried in a rubble. He survived but he cant forget the images. The tourists, that come because of the concentration of marine animals and birds mistake the silence for tranquility. This touching story is well captured by Fernando Vilchez Rodriguez.

Boubkar Benzabat is a wonderful guy from France. He filmed a wonderful film called Planet Z that was directed and thought of by a wonderful girl Momoko Seto. Their wonderful self will be proudly presented by Kinemastik on August 6th at our short film festival.

Their film, Planet Z, describes another time of life. They capture the last survivors or maybe the first ones in a new world. All of them carry the future.

One has to point out and that one is me, that there was a great number of new German shorts that surely deserves attention of Maltese audience.  My favorites have to be films by Erik Schmitt, Stephan Muller and Nicolas Steiner who promise a great future for the German film making. We hope that we could host some of them this year at the best short film fest in the Med.

Bare Bones in Valletta

Back in 2007, Kinemastik had hosted Mr Neal Fox s exhibition at Ollie’s last pub in Valletta. There was a triangle of wee on lady’s shorts before Mr Fox departed the island. A second coming of Le Gun s comradeship appeared again in Oli s headquarters, this time as a quarterly magazine Bare Bones.  Being on a field trip to dig up some old Maltese tales and draw Maltese dogs for a forthcoming book being published here, UNCOMMON MALTA, they decided to put on yet another show at Ollies (Reed) last pub. Exhibition was on for a week from the 10th Dec to the 16th Dec. While it remains a mystery what was to be an ending to this article, the book launch date is pencilled in…