Janet Bergstrom – Murnau’s 4 Devils: Traces of a Lost Film (2003)

The movie’s 40 minutes are quite simply done, telling the (background-)story of Murnau’s film by using documents like stills, set blueprints, production drawings, promotional and other related material around it. But it’s not yet another documentary on »lost movies« and film history in general. It is more a fine and sensible reconstruction of »Four Devils«. No expertly talking heads at all! Bergstrom’s film narrates and re-tells the movie’s fable and becomes more and more involved in its (assumed) tone and style and finally – at least for me – effectively blurs the dividing line between documentary and fiction in a contained and sensitive way. It nearly involuntarily assumes to become the real stuff, but never forgets its substitutional character. Its derivative, unoriginal style is one I like to experience more often.

4 devils


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