Jumping Ship in a Hurricane

Flying East

KINEMASTIK is doing a cultural excursion to the east of Europe, all the way to Odessa, Ukraine.
On our way to Odessa, we will stop at Skopje (Macedonia), Belgrade (Serbia), Novi Sad (Serbia), Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia), Bucharest (Romania) and Chisinau(Moldova).
We will carry most of the equipment in our bags, like a
burden of our dreams, hopping on trains and stopping at different cities on the way to the Black Sea.

This project has a multimedia character consisting of short film screenings, a photography exhibition, illustration and a musical event.

June 5th – Skopje (Macedonia) – Menada
June 8th – Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia) Lapidarijum
June 9th – Novi Sad – MMC Led Art
June 10th – Beograd – Rex Kulturni Centar
June 15th – Bucharest (Romania) – Fabrica
June 19th – Chisinau(Moldova) – Spalatorie
June 22nd – Odessa (Ukraine) –Museum of Contemporary Art

Journal of this tour may be viewed on our tumblr page,

whilst for any updates, please check out our website or our facebook/twitter pages.


This project is supported by Malta Arts Fund.

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