The Legion of the Experimental


Looking back in history, the 60’s and 70’s, were, arguably the two of the most creative decades of experimental, avant-garde film and a particular area of film history.

Michael Bock used to be a programmer of film nights on Mondays at Salon, that is now known as “Arsenal” cinema, a hub for independent film screenings during the Berlinale Film Festival.

For the month of November, Mr Bock has prepared a 4 part programme, featuring known (or some perhaps less known) filmmakers from USA, Europe, Japan and Armenia.

There exist many forms of experimental film, dealing with a subject matter normally ignored or marginalized by the film industry. Most avant-garde filmmakers work alone, striving for much stricter control of image framing, editing, sound, etc. than it would be allowed in commercial film making, and more often than not using outside of standard cinema technology.

The overall title of the series “The Legion of Experimental” wants to give a hint to the viewer to see the projection screen as a large-scale canvas one paints on with light and shadow, in black and white or colour, where static images interact with those in motion, at times at highly rapid speed. One of the most important aspects of experimental film is the control of time and rhythm, making the viewer alert of how much these depend on careful editing. There is a variety of films meant to focus our attention on a particular subject; others transport us into an almost meditative state. The results reinvigorate our reverence for the visual world around us and develop our patience for contemplating.

The ongoing tradition of avant-garde cinema remains one of film history’s most under-appreciated achievements.

For programme details of Kinemastik’s film club in November, please see here 

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