KISFF 2012

On the 4th of August, in Arkansas capital, Little Rock, population will joyfully celebrate Johnny Cash day. In Burkina Faso, it is a Revolution Day.  In Germany, there are no holidays but on this very day, Austria celebrates the birth of King Leopold I.

Celebrating all of the above, Kinemastik includes a birthday of its own darling, Short Film Festival, who is 8 this year. We will be having screenings of latest shorts from all over the planet, new local works, workshops for kids and adults, gigs and parties. We’re addressing everyone who fancies our beloved KISFF, to spread the truth about this baby and ensure that no act of cowardice of heart can slow its growth. Invite your friends from the jungles around Manaus to the deserts dunes of Taklamakan to visit our little island during the festival days.

Kinemastik International Short Film Festival – 4th & 5th August 2012.

Tourists are welcome.

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