Kinemastik Film Club for Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Kinemastik will showcase films which are accessible to Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals. The aim is not only to enable active access of film culture to people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, but to promote a general awareness of the Deaf experience, how Deaf people perceive themselves and are perceived by society and encourage their recognition and involvement in society.

We intend to do the following:


Organise film nights, where we d screen various films, providing the subtitles and sign language interpreter for the screenings. These events would have the leisurely character of enjoying different films, but also an educational aspect of providing the Deaf community with a chance to enjoy non commercial cinema.

Exchange short films with various Deaf Film Festivals across the world and introduce screenings of such films in Malta. By creating a programme of screening those short films during our festival days in August, we also intend  to organise travels of  people from Deaf Community to visit these festivals, but also invite some other people from abroad to come and visit Malta for these screenings.

Create a workshop, where we d try and create a short film in which we d have people from Deaf Community be directly involved in making the film, either as actors or members of the crew that is making it.

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