Short Report – Berlinale 2011

Several Kinemastik members visited this year’s Berlinale, some for the short films, others for features. Apart for the northern weather thats never a good news for us from the south, we have enjoyed immensely this year’s edition.

I ve got to say that i havent managed to see all the shorts cause Berlin nights are very long but most of them are penned down and we ll try our best to bring the selected ones to Kinemastik Short Film Festival 2011.

Bellow is the the pink tickle, some of the most impressive shorts i ve seen, with some more not to be relieved until the time is right.

Back by 6 is a film by Peter Connelly, a New York born, currently living in Brussels. It is a beautiful film about two men who search for a window to wash, rain jackets to take off and various wounds to heal. They move apart, and meet up again. Little things, which fill our everyday lives with magic.

La Calma is short documentary that is set in town of Pisco. The city was very near the epicenter of the devastating 8.0-magnitude earthquake which struck south central Peru on Wednesday August 15, 2007. The story follows a man who was buried in a rubble. He survived but he cant forget the images. The tourists, that come because of the concentration of marine animals and birds mistake the silence for tranquility. This touching story is well captured by Fernando Vilchez Rodriguez.

Boubkar Benzabat is a wonderful guy from France. He filmed a wonderful film called Planet Z that was directed and thought of by a wonderful girl Momoko Seto. Their wonderful self will be proudly presented by Kinemastik on August 6th at our short film festival.

Their film, Planet Z, describes another time of life. They capture the last survivors or maybe the first ones in a new world. All of them carry the future.

One has to point out and that one is me, that there was a great number of new German shorts that surely deserves attention of Maltese audience.  My favorites have to be films by Erik Schmitt, Stephan Muller and Nicolas Steiner who promise a great future for the German film making. We hope that we could host some of them this year at the best short film fest in the Med.

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