My Europe screenings at St James Cavalier

My Europe project with local support of Kinemastik & St James Cavalier is organising an evening of short films.
The Screenings will take place at St James Cavalier Saturday 11th and Sunday, 12th December at 15:00

My Europe brings productions made by European filmmakers and dealing with European issues to screen. Our local partners in various European countries are of different kind. Among them are cinemas, universities, youth organisations and national cultural agencies. The aim is to bring European films, dealing with European issues to a truly European audience.

My Europe presents two programmes:

Living in Europe tells a story about a meeting through time and cultures, about bringing together characters, traditions, expectation, about authenticity and particularities.

Politics and Policies makes a statement about borders, conflicts and diplomacy, decisions and consequences, confrontations and compromises.

If films are not explicitly about Europe, the European dimension comes out of the comparison of stories, conflicts and topics. In the end there should be a colourful picture of Our Europe.

Click here to view the programme.

Entrance is FREE.


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