Don’t Look Now

KINEMASTIK DRIVE-IN film club returns this weekend to its dear viewers, joyfully presenting “Don’t look now” by Nicolas Roeg.

All the films in our Drive In Film Club may be viewed through the windscreen, while the sound will be broadcasted on an FM radio frequency, to be played through the car’s stereo system, also known as a car stereo or a car radio.

We can’t have more than 30 cars parked right in front of the screen so those thirty will have the priority when being parked in our theatre’s top spots.

The entrance to Kinemastik’s film club is free and for MEMBERS ONLY.

Don’t look now is an exquisitely haunting, very memorable drama, uniquely directed, well acted and superbly photographed film of searching for what feels to be missing, and the tragic results that can occur. The Italian setting provides the film with a strong sense of the Gothic but also an ominous sense of otherness. In a foreign land with different customs, culturet and architecture, the characters feel lost, but yet the mysterious, unknown element of the new setting provides a sense of hope. The director has used a number of tricks to emphasise certain details. These may have no meaning at the time, but their re-occurrence throughout the film adds to the haunting atmosphere. The film also has this amazing power to make almost anything seem foreboding and sinister. There is an undeniable musty B-grade feel to the film, but there is so much else to admire here, that it does not detract at all from the viewing experience. It is an intriguing, gripping and powerful watch.

“Don’t look now” will be shown on Sunday, March 28th at 8:30pm at Gasan Car Park in Mriehel.

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