Kinemastik Drive-In Film Club

KINEMASTIK film club returns this year to its dear viewers as a DRIVE-IN CINEMA, situated on a parking lot in Mriehel industrial estate(directions soon revealed).

Films will be viewed through the windscreen, while the sound will be broadcasted on an FM radio frequency, to be played through the car’s stereo system, also known as a car stereo or a car radio. The frequency will be announced soon enough by Kenneth.

Parking you/Drivein back into the golden era of cinema, dear viewers, you will have an excellent opportunity to see The Badlands by Terence Malick.

Kinemastik film club has always been a small gathering, therefore be quick with your decision to book a place or share a car with Maggie, Joe or Lucy in the sky with diamonds. We can’t have more than 20 cars parked right in front of the screen so those twenty will have the priority when being parked in our theatre’s top spots.

The entrance to Kinemastik’s film club is free and for MEMBERS ONLY.

Membership will be available on the night.

The Kinemastik Diner will offer variety of refreshments.

The Badlands will be shown on Sunday, March 14th at 8:30pm.

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