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If Kinemastik blog had many eyes, at least 5 of them would look out for the most bizarre film super heroes. One of them that stays closest to the heart is Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta (September 23, 1917 – February 5, 1984), more widely known as El Santo (the Saint), who was a Mexican Luchador en mascarado (Spanish for masked professional wrestler), film actor, and folk icon.


El Santo, along with Blue Demon & Mil Máscaras, is one of the most famous and iconic of all Mexican luchadores, and has been referred to as one of “the greatest legends in Mexican sports”. His wrestling career spanned nearly five decades, during which he became a folk hero and a symbol of justice for the common man through his appearances in comic books and movies. He is said to have popularized professional wrestling in Mexico just as Rikidozan did in Japan and Hulk Hogan did in the United States. One of his ten children, followed him into wrestling as El Hijo del Santo, or ‘Son of Santo’.

El Santo never removed his mask in the film during his long career and neither did he on any occasion in his public appearances off the film screen. Until…just over a year after his retirement El Santo was a guest on Contrapunto, a Mexican television program and, completely without warning, removed his mask just enough to expose his face, in effect bidding his fans goodbye. It is the only documented case of Santo ever removing his mask in public.

Santo died from a heart attack on February 5, 1984, at 9:40 p.m., just over a week after his Contrapunto TV appearance. As per his wishes, he was buried wearing his famous silver mask. His funeral is considered one of the biggest in Mexican history as fans and friends flocked to see “el Enmascarado de Plata” (the Silver-Masked Man) one last time. After his death a statue of El Santo was erected in his home town of Tulancingo and other statues have been created since then.

Moving east, the first thing that catches the eye is an adaptation of classic phone box with a hero in it who made himself more comfortable than ever. He is an Indian Superman.

indian superman

In an Indian take on the classic superhero story, a young baby from the doomed planet Krypton is sent to Earth, where he is adopted by an elderly couple in India who name him Shekhar. After growing to an adult and learning about his origins and powers, he goes to the city in search of his school sweetheart, Gita, who has become  a newpaper reporter.

At the same time, Verma, Shekhar’s rival for Gita’s affection in their school days, has gone on to become a crime lord and general super-villain. Verma has hatched at plan to become rich by devastating part of India with natural disasters, then buying up all of the abandoned land in a manner of a true construction magnat. The effects used in this film are as memorable as those seen in Turkish Star Wars, that we ve shown in our film club earlier this year.

Hundreds of thousands have thrilled to the Indian Superman, but fewer have seen the Filipino Batman…


Batman en Robin is a Bat-spoof made in the Philippines in 1993. It stars comedian Joey de Leon and his son Keempee de Leon. The Penguin-character is called Chu-p-a-enguin, which literally means “Blowjob-guin” in Spanglish. There are musical numbers—why not?—and Wonder Woman makes an appearance. A midget Spiderman, too. And check out the Joker!

In the final scene, the cast does a nutty cover version of At The Hop with lyrics like “Let’s be good of blood, Let’s be good of heart, Let’s be afraid of God, Let’s believe in LOVE!”

This is the caption of that epic scene

If you think that is the most bizarre super hero lot to come out of Philippines, you havent seen enough.

Mr. Wang is a 3-foot tall Filipino Movie Star, and the main hero “Agent 00” in the fantastic movie called “For Your Height Only”.

“Mr. Giant has kidnapped the brilliant Dr. Van Kohler and is planning to use the Doctor’s invention, the N-bomb, to hold the world hostage. The only one who can foil Mr. Giant’s evil scheme is Agent 00, a 3-foot-tall Filipino martial arts master, expert marksman, top-class romancer and all-around superspy.

Can Agent 00 rescue Dr. Kohler before it’s too late?

All these flicks have been made a while ago but what is happening in the world of super heroes today.

Make some space for a hero who is yet to become big – Executive Koala!

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