5th Kinemastik International Short Film Festival

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Saturday 01.08.09.

21:00  Democracy vs Scatocracy – Julian Mallia (1‘) Malta 2009

Democracy is the path towards effective dialogue

21:02  Was Weiss der Tropfen Davon – Jan Zabeil (12’)  Germany 2007

In Berlin the people cleaning the Reichstag come from Turkey, Tunisia and Senegal. What are their thoughts when the politicians have gone home and dawn is approaching?

21:16  Fast Lane – Grant Scicluna  (15’) Australia 2007

The friendship between two teenage boys is fractured by their conflicting responses to the one reckless act.

21:33 Changing Feathers – Frank Molino (8’) Denmark 2008

Poul & Jytte discover a bruised bird on their balcony and invite it to join them for coffee and cigarettes. Thus begins a series of unexpected changes in the lives of Poul, Jytte and the bird.

21:43  Fire – Laila Pakalnina  (12’)  Latvia 2007

1970s: Before Marija is born it is clear that she will be getting into trouble all the time. When Marija turns five, Santa Claus brings her a doll she doesn’t like, a ladybird crawls into her ear… however, that’s not all. The most important thing is that she is often alongside firemen. Is it because things around her catch fire?


22:10  Black Heart – Ada Bligaard Søby (22’)  Denmark 2008

A film about the 9/11 aftermath. It follows three New Yorkers, each struggling with the process of loss. The fourth character is New York, as it pulls itself together after the tragedy and the scar that has remained.

22:34  1+  – Alex Vella Gera (6‘) Malta 2009

Someone is waiting. He’s a peeping tom, a masturbator, growing fat, a test tube baby. He needs a shave but the blade is blunt. A metaphor! Wake up! The telephone is off the hook.

22:42  Gravity  – Nicolas Provost (6’) Belgium 2007

James Stewart kisses Grace Kelly who kisses Steve McQueen. A Belgian filmmaker edits and destroys some of the most romantic Hollywood kisses.

22:50  The Blindness of the Woods –  Martin Jalfen  (11’) Argentina 2008

Thanks to a strong woodcutter a blind woman rediscovers the joys of love.

Sunday 02.08.09.

21:00  Muto – Blu ( 8’) Italy 2008

21:10  Dance Me To the end of love – Frank Molino (7’) Denmark 2008

A lonely middle-aged woman, Anne-Grethe, falls in love with a young immigrant, Hakim. Unfortunately her peers aren’t very accepting of their relationship. They find comfort in each other, but a cruel fate awaits them.

21:19  2 Birds– Runar Runarsson (15’)  Iceland 2008

A group of young teenagers embark on a journey from innocence to the stark reality of adulthood.

21:35  303 – David Serge and Matthew Pullicino  (10’) Malta 2009

A World War II Story.

21:47  The Pig – Dorthe Warnø Høgh (23’) Denmark 2008

Oscar-nominated, The Pig tells the tale of an elderly man who, when admitted to hospital, finds comfort in a painting of a whimsical pig and is outraged when it is removed at the request of another patient’s family.


22:30 Love You More – Sam Taylor Wood (15’) UK 2008

A film about two high school kids in 1978 who end up together while listening to the newly released Buzzcocks single Love You More

22:47 One eyed don – Byron Brown (2’) USA 2009

The titular character here has two functioning eyes, but a lot of missing brain cells. He goes all over town telling inappropriate sexual stories about his ex-girlfriend.

22:50  Aljutta – Glen Galea & Mario Vella (24’) Malta 2008

A sun soaked tale about all good things for those who wait, while fish refuse to take the bait.

23:15 Mirror – Matteo Nasini (2’) Italy 2008

Shot on the banks of the Tiber River after the 2008 floods, Mirror explores the musical flow of the debris left by the flood’s waves on the trees, through the exposure of a wind resonator made of mirrors.

23:19 The Apology Line – James Lees (10’) UK 2007

Based around the creation of a real-life ‘apology line’ where members of the public can anonymously confess to absolutely anything, over the telephone.


01.08.09. & 02.08.09.

(films are looped on both days)

Scream Please – Marie Claire Cremona (1’16) 2009


1+  – Alex Vella Gera (8’) 2009


Tata’ Bic-Cinga – Sarah Mamo 2009 (2’)


One Foot off the Ground – Malcolm Zammit (10’)


303 – David Serge and Matthew Pullicino  (10’)2009


Il-Hajja ta’ Phrase (Phrase’s Life)– Adrian Abela (2’) 2008


Sawing Faces– Adrian Abela and Nigel Baldaccino (3’) 2009


Sundowners – Christoffer Guldbrandsen (4’)


Aljutta – GlenGalea & Mario Vella  (24’) 2008


Journey – Ryan Falzon 2009 (4’)


U re d reason – Matina Vassallo Eminyan (5’) 2009


My Little Lovelies 2007 – Adolf Formosa (4’)
22: 25

“s-he”- Adolf Formosa(12’)


Rowing – Erik Nordlander & Emma Mattei   (7’) 2008

22: 48

Democracy vs Scatocracy – Julian Mallia (1’)


I’m A Stranger Here Myself – Charlie Cauchi (2’) 2009

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