Fishing with John

17th March

68, st lucy str, valletta

20:15 Minsi by Alex Vella Gera

20:30 Fishing with John by John Lurie


poster: Adrian Abela

In this unusual advanture John Lurie invites 5 guests to try and go through different quests. Jim Jarmusch, Tom Waits, Dennis Hopper, Matt Dillon and William Defoe take to the water in search of adventure but usually end up with something else altogether. Discover how to catch fish using cheese and a pistol with Jim Jarmusch, let Tom Waits teach you new ways to store your catch, and build an ice fishing shanty with Willem Dafoe in these surreal, dryly witty outdoor escapades. Since Lurie has no expert knowledge of fishing, the interest is in the conversations between Lurie and the guests, all of whom are friends of Lurie. Nothing particularly unusual actually happens, but the show is edited and narrated in a way to suggest that Lurie and his guests are involved in dramatic and even supernatural adventures. One of the guests dies. So does Lurie. Others end up alive. So does Lurie.

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