Çetin Inanç – Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam AKA Turkish Star Wars (1982) Turkey



st lucy street,


tuesday, 10th february

8:15 brian belletic – discover hip hop

8:30 cetin inanc – dunyayi kurtaran adam AKA turkish star wars (1982) Turkey

…Nothing could possibly prepare you for the jaw-dropping insanity of “The Turkish Star Wars.” This film is not actually a scene-for-scene remake of the George Lucas landmark, although it pirated the special effects footage from the 1977 original and tacked it into a feverish nightmare of celluloid dementia which needs to be seen if only to prove how far the minds of lunatic filmmakers can run. Prepare yourself, because the only way to appreciate The Turkish Star Wars is to follow the storyline through its labyrinthine lunacy. Long ago in a Turkish-speaking galaxy far, far away, the universe is being imperiled by a quartet of evildoers: two bush-haired men wearing Mardi Gras costumes, a slutty babe dressed as Cleopatra, and a blue robot with an ambulance light on his head. Their fleet of spaceships go to war against the flying saucers of a heroic group of rebels, and for several minutes the screen is filled with F/X footage from a battered print of Star Wars. There’s no Luke Skywalker here, but instead we have two middle-aged space jockeys (Cuneyt Arkin and Ayetkin Akkaya) who are leading the rebel attack. Unfortunately, there was no budget for a spaceship set here, so the heroes are photographed in very tight close-ups while footage from Star Wars plays on a rear projection behind them.

by lyrnx


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