Kinemastik’s Wandering Cinema


On 1st March Kinemastik will announce an open call for short film submissions for The Wandering Cinema- 3 months of mobile cinema screenings across Malta and Gozo. Kinemastik invites the public to send their short film in any format: film, mobile phone, web cam, animation, to St James Cavalier, Valletta or to their email address at There are 3 themes on which the films should be based: Migration, Felicity or Monsters. The duration of the film should not exceed 15 minutes. There is no application fee and may come from anywhere in the world.The application deadline is April 10th 2009. On May 1st Kinemastik will start screening the selected films in different villages squares in Malta and Gozo projected on a mobile vehicle – the Kinemobile, and for the subsequent 3 months, The Wandering Cinema will announce its arrival in the local village or town through various promotions, capturing the interest of a public not necessarily familiar with the medium. The final screening will take place in August 2009 at the Kinemastik Short Film Festival. The film makers will also be given an opportunity to take part in international workshops that will take place during the festival. Kinemastik will then produce a DVD in September of all selected works and also make the work available and free for all to share through their websites. Kinemastik aims to promote these events in local and foreign media through publications, press releases, posters and electronic media.

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