Bice skoro propast sveta





68, st lucy street, valletta

Omar the Dark
by Slavko Vukanovic

“Bice skoro propast sveta” by Aleksandar Petrovic

“Bice skoro propast sveta” is a film inspired by Dostoyevsky s “The
Possessed”, a contemporary news story and the Soviet invasion of
Czechoslovakia. It was translated as “It rains on my village” although
literate translation is “The end of the world is coming”. It is
actually a song that the Srem Gypsy antecedents of Violent Femmes(crowd puller) sing in this film. One of the greatest Yugoslav directors, Aleksandar Petrovic, tells a story about a naive young swine-herd who
marries a mentally retarded girl, and then falls in love with a beautiful teacher – which has fatal results.


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