Notte Bianca 2008 without Kinemastik

We have discussed our ideas for 2008 with Peter Busuttil, coordinator for this year’s Notte Bianca: to create a number of wooden boxes that would represent different islands. Inside these boxes we would project the films made on different islands around the world. One of the boxes would be Maltese. Viewing these films would be possible only through little holes, in a sort of a peep-show environment, a metaphor for the celebrity-obsessed, fly-on-the-wall world in which we live.

However, this idea was rejected and the explanation given was this:

Due to the huge response we had for participation in Notte Bianca 2008, we regret to inform you that your proposal has not been selected for this year’s edition.
However, we shall start working on the programme for Notte Bianca 2009 immediately.  We will be keeping your proposal and details as reference.  Should you wish to submit a new proposal for 2009, we would be accepting proposals for Notte Bianca 2009 as of November 2008.
We thank you for your interest and hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.

The applications chosen may be viewed at the site of N.B. in the news section.

We believe that we are making an important contribution to the local pot of culture, with our stringent focus on independent and avant-garde cinema. Whilst we fully understand that all events must be sustainable, we also must insist that the infrastructure should be able to provide a secure platform for the institutions approached; institutions such as Kinemastik which is an NGO and not commercially driven need the support of the council if it is to continue to contribute to a dynamic vision, created without the ambiguity of whether or not there will be funding for the project.
Notte 07

Notte 06

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