Fake Agatha’s Underwear

Milos Tomic won last year’s fest with his film Clay Pigeon and was invited by Kinemastik to hold a workshop in stop animation.
The day at the red tower started with his workshop where he showed lots of films that he liked and those that inspired him.

Mark Hammarberg and Ester Martin Bergsmark – a duo from Sweden showed their film “Swallow it”. One may see a trailer bellow.

After the screening they talked about their own ways of film making and their influences.








Ada Bligaard Søby showed bits and pieces of her films American Losers and Meet me in Berlin. A thought provoking discussion followed and the result may be seen bellow.

New Walking Trio did not want to start playing right after so they played little later after.

A gig like this could only start at midnight. Or little earlier…

Uncle Al played his first festival night that very night. Speculations that he is old proved to be false. Thanks uncle.

sandra was at hand to selekt...

sandra was at hand to assist...

the ever youthful unkle al

the ever youthful unkle al

Drinks were coming from the darkest corners of Red Tower.

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