La Montana Sagrada

About 110 km from Manaus, in Amazon jungle, inside the primitive wooden house, in her room, there was a kinky brunette
Clara, watching a Jungle TV.
“Hangin’ fuk” Clara would exclaim her satisfaction with the ongoing show “Rubber Mandy”, girl who made a clothes collection
spring/summer by scraping rubber off the trees of the holy mountain.
That night Clara went to sleep earlier, almost instantly dreaming of rubber.
Whats all this about rubber? – thought her husband George.
She got married to George Borg from the famous “Borg & Borg & Borg again” at the end of last century, and it was
the greatest wedding that Malta had ever seen, a spectacular event in one of the most luxurious villas in Naxxar.
Nobody is really sure how did they end up in Amazon, but it was speculated that Clara was a green peace
activist, that they went there to fight for the lungs of our lovely planet.
“Not true” – said one of the people that had speculated.
“That’s bullshit” – said another speculator.
A woman that was working in a stationery near the speculators asked them:” Doesn’t she miss her parents?”
TV show “Tista kunta kinte” flew to Amazon to try and understand the mysterious disappearance of Clara and George.
George was driving his Suzuki likes nature jeep, with Clara standing on the passenger seat, with jungle wind in her
hair, when suddenly they were stopped by “Tista kunta kinte” roadblock.
“Go back to your country, Clara! ” – said George realizing that they can’t escape media attention.
” I am in my country George. We cant stay pretending forever that this is not Ghargur. We gotta fight for what we have, not search for other holy mountains while we have ours. We can do it just like Rubber Mandy does it.”  – said Clara.

“But Rubber Mandy isn’t real, thats a TV show”. – said George.

“So is Tista kunta kinte” – said Clara.

“You’re right Clara” – said George. “How could I have been so blind?! We could use the media to fight for our lungs. For our holy mountain!! ”

“Viva Mghatab!”  – said Clara.

“Viva !” – said George.
                                Holy Mountain
                      film by Alejandro Jodorowsky
                            31 May 2006
                           20:50 (roughly)
                            Strait street

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