The cabinet of Doctor Caligari


Anyone and Someone had a house together in place called Somewhere. They were a couple for some time but their relationship was a bit vague. Someone was studying Something at university. Second year.

Anyone would be annoyed if I continue, Someone thought, so he quit the studies and started a business in a desert near by.

If he could make Anyone happy, he d be happy too.

But if Someone knew anything about Anyone he would have known that Anyone was secretly seeing Everyone. When Someone got to know this he went ballistic.

“Everyone’s an idiot“ –  Someone said.

To recompose himself Someone went for a walk in a desert. He was minding his own business when he walked into a huge room in the middle of nowhere. He looked at the sign at the entrance and ran away terrified. He decided not to tell Anyone but he told Everyone for a reason that no one knows of.

News of this strange discovery was soon on Everyone’s lips:


“The cabinet of Doctor Caligari”



A film by Robert Wiene





Strait Street, Valletta

21 st of February, 2006

20:30 approx


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