KISFF Programme 2015

FRIDAY – 7th August at 20:30h
Garden of Rest, Floriana

Brass Heaven
Simon Ellis

Citizen Day
Basile Doganis

Dave Ma

Marc Jacobs
Sam de Jong


Eleanor Mortimer

Fake Propaganda Video For ISIS
Dona Arbabzadeh

Black Sheep
Christian Cerami

De Smet
Wim Geudens & Thomas Baerten

SATURDAY – 8th August 2015 at 20:30h
Garden of Rest, Floriana

The Last Smallholder
Francis Lee

Fallen Leaves
Masha Kondanova

On Loop
Christine Hooper

Radu Mihai


Tristesse Contemporaine – Music Video
Ada Bligaard Søby

Ton Coeur Au Hasard
Aude-Léa Rapin

Malaguti Phantom
Sam de Jong

Her and Hubbub
Kyle Xuereb Cunningham

Wc Uz Radio
Milos Tomic

The Dark, Krystle
Michael Robinson


NECK OF THE WOODS SCREEN (both Friday and Saturday):
Garden of Rest, Floriana

Black Diamond
Samir Ramdani

A Field Guide to the Ferns
Basma Alsharif

If We Have To Disappear It Will Be Without Disquiet But We Will Fight Until The End
Jean-Gabriel Périot

Pamper Whore
Roxanne Gatt

My Father Looks for an Honest City
Basim Magdy



My Chicken’s Symphony



Sunday, 9th August


Children’s Film Festival

Garden of Rest, Floriana

No Kaddish in Carmarthen

Jesse Armstrong is a Bafta winner, Oscar nominated director of feature films such as “In the Loop”, “Four Lions” and a creator of a popular TV show “Peep Show”.

He is probably one of the greatest comedy writers today.

He makes a debut at KISFF with his latest short film

“No Kaddish in Carmarthen”.

10th Kinemastik International Short Film Festival

kinemastik poster

Sunday 20th July- 7:30 pm

Little Rock People – a short film festival for children (age 3-12)

Tuesday 22nd July – 9 pm

The Man Whose Mind Exploded – documentary by Toby Amies

Wednesday 23rd July – 7 pm

Film Festivals and Fish – Kinemastik/Creative Europe forum

Wednesday 23rd July – 9pm

Truth of Sheffield

Thursday 24th July – 9pm

La Danza de la Realidad by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Friday 25th July – 9pm

The Quietus Friday

Saturday 26th July – 9pm

10th KISFF – Competition

Sunday 27th July – 9pm

10th KISFF – Competition

Venue for ALL EVENTS:

Herbert Ganado Gardens, Floriana


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2013 in one page

As they say, its good to look behind and see your own footsteps in the snow or sand. Or lunar surface. People have done it, they ve said some positive things about, so here it is…

We started year the same way we finished the last one, doing a campaign for Deaf and Hard of Hearing association’s struggle to introduce captioning in Maltese cinemas and on TV. This project was helped by the Il-Premju tal Prezident so big thanks to the Prez and the team behind this fund.

This campaign has been a success as most of the cinemas did introduce the captioning but TV stations are still largely unresponsive.  If PBS reads ever this blog, hopefully they re clap their hands and say yes, this may be a good idea…

A month later, we hosted Ben Russell and Basma Alsharif, a tall couple of filmmakers who came to Malta to hold a workshop on psychedelic ethnography.  Malta Arts Fund gave us a helping hand so this hand we shake it firmly and say thanks. We still await to see their works produced during the residency here. A word excited would be an understatement. Ben Russell made a video during his stay in Malta, for none other than Kentucky’s most charming man(sorry Mike)

All year round, we invited various people to host our film club for a month. Amazing line up included Will Oldham, Jeffrey Lewis, Djinn Carrénard, Dimitrije Vojnov, Basma Alsharif, Violeta Kulewska, Katarzyna Peukert and Auditus Foundation.

Some time in May, Valletta V18 got us side to side with Renzo Spiteri, where we showed Charlie Chaplin’s film “Modern Times” to hundreds of people in Merchant Street in Valletta. We projected it on a mega screen whilst Renzo gave it a sound.


Then we went to Odessa, Ukraine, via Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia. Arts fund help once again. We went round and round and showed films that were shown at our festival and showed Maltese short films for the first time ever in the history of man kind or any kind for that matter. We re small, they re bigger but love sees no sizes. We thank everyone once again for their warm welcome.


Our Children’s film festival happened for the 4th time. If you re still pondering should you have kids or not, this festival alone is a good enough reason  to do it.


In the meantime, grown ups went to our 9th Short Film Fest, that was great but will be much better next year, when we celebrate a decade of existence.


A little later, Jeffrey Lewis and the Rain came to visit us. They played in Hamrun, the city that never sleeps.

There’s an amazing art gang in Novi Sad, Serbia, that have done a wild bunch of critical and subversive actions that have made them into a cultural institution(in a good way). They presented a documentation of their actions in Valletta on October 12th.


Would a proper English allow me to say how privileged was Kinemastik to host one of its own and may i add – what noise he made in British Legion, whilst swiftly adding word epic, never before used here. “A trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe” is in fact the unique work of Lucas Abela, a maverick musician with an unhealthy obsession with sheets of broken glass. He was accompanied by Keg De Souza, an artist who designed a Gigloo, for an exhibition Mix Tape, that we hosted at St James.

Happy new year to you all, this is the end of the text, it may have been a drag to read it all but the reward, that has nothing to do with the text above, comes to those who wait.